Streaming Solutions

Multi-Media is the technology of this century. Telephony and computer networks converge and they become faster and faster allowing for more data to be transported. This trend makes VOIP, Video On Demand, Video Broadcasts, Video Multicasts, Webcasts and Video Conferencing attractive for the average business users. Only a modern computer network is needed.

Multi-Media spans a vast variety of solutions like: IPTV, DVB, Set-top box, Audio/Video playback, Video Conferencing, Voice Over IP and Audio/Video streaming.

M2X BV uses the best Open Source multimedia solutions in its offerings. Among which is the multimedia technology of VideoLAN (well know for its flagship product "VLC media player"). VideoLAN multimedia technology implements the well known standards from IETF, ITU and DVB. For more information visit

VideoLAN features:

  • "VLC media player" provides:
    • ports to all major operationg systems: iOS, Android, Linux, MacOS X, MS Windows, *BSD, etc.
    • video playback for all known codecs (DVB, v4l2, files, network: RTSP/RTP/RTCP)
    • video streaming, encoding, transcoding
    • media framework
  • "DVBlast" provides DVB Broadcast level streaming